Top Shopify Live Stream Apps

Top Shopify Live Stream Apps

In this post, we will recommend to you 4 Best Shopify Live Stream Apps. This list is made up of reviews by hukcommerce experts, to help you to refer and choose quality apps.

Top 4 Live Stream Apps for Shopify

Live Shopping by Livescale

Live Shopping by Livescale.

Live Shopping keeps your customers busy watching and shopping all at once, it’s an essential brand-owned sales channel for any e-Commerce business, suitable for all digital interactions and any industry.

Integrating this consumer-favourite e-Commerce trend requires 0 line of code to configure. The App is designed for Shopify merchants of all sizes to scale their sales, product feed synchronisation is just one click away.

Highlight features:

  • In-video checkout flow.
  • Lead capture: Abandoned carts are captured for your remarketing purposes.
  • Pinned Message feature.
  • Branded account for live chat responses and community engagement.
  • Easy community moderation.
  • Customisable design and experience.
  • Gamification: Customisable polls and quizzes.
  • One-click product catalogue integration (text, images & additional variations).
  • Instant inventory, order and payment sync.
  • Post-Live Shopping show sales optimisation driven report.
  • Real-time KPIs.

Price: 5% service fee.

Live‑Stream Window by Shopshowy

Live‑Stream Window by Shopshowy- shopify live stream app

ShopShowy creates a picture-in-picture window on your website for customers to watch live-stream while browsing specific products mentioned in the live-stream.

Highlight features:

  • Engaging Customers.
  • Direct Traffic Back.
  • Reward Your Loyal Customers.

Price: Free.

Starstream ‑ online events by Livestream Labs

Starstream ‑ online events by Livestream Labs - shopify live stream

Sell secure access to webinar, live stream or online event. Selling access to live stream, webinar and online events is a highly profitable online activity. There is zero cost, no inventory to manage and no returns to handle. The customers are ready to pay a healthy amount to get entertained, learn useful things or live a meaningful experience.

Highlight features:

  • Unlimited SMS notifications.
  • Unlimited Email notifications.
  • Automatically sends a secret link 24h before an event begins.
  • Automatically sends a reminder just before the event begins.
  • Supports Email and SMS checkouts.
  • Converts a Shopify product into an online event.
  • Does not modify data in your Shopify store.

Price: 0 – 299$.

Shoppable Livestreams by Maestro Interactive, Inc.

Shoppable Livestreams by Maestro Interactive, Inc. - shopify live stream

Consumers are much more likely to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. The internet has made buying after watching easier, but we’re still mainly using the 93-year-old TV format; it’s a one-way and passive experience. Captive digital audiences are valuable and it’s time to extract that value in dollars. Maestro transforms video into a two-way experience with tools to build stronger relationships with audiences. Every moment of engagement is an opportunity to create a new customer and it all starts with installing this app.

Highlight features:

  • A streaming platform on your own app or website, with Shopify natively built-in.
  • Fully customizable to match you brand’s unique look and feel.
  • Interactive overlays drive audiences to buy at key moments in your content.
  • Viewers complete Shopify transactions without leaving the stream.
  • A suite of engagement features: chat, polls/trivia, Q&A, gamification, and raffles.
  • Monetization tools including ticketing, subscriptions, donations, and advertising.
  • Collect email addresses and pixel viewers to enhance marketing strategies.
  • Analytics dashboard to understand your customer-base and optimize.
  • Turnkey setup; no coding or technical knowledge required.

Price: 5% service fee.

Live Stream Shopping by

“Live Stream Shopping” or “Live Shop on Shopify” lets you engage with your buyers in real-time through Online Video Streaming. It helps brands and store owners to promote their products during a live shopping show and interact with buyers in real-time. Live shopping shows can be recorded to drive engagement and sales later on as well.

Highlight features:

  • Host Live & Engaging Shopping Sessions.
  • Promote products of your choice and sell instantly!
  • Engage with customers in Real-time.
  • Build relationships & trust with high touchpoint interaction.
  • Increase stickiness of your Website.
  • Gamification and more to trigger customer impulses!
  • Leverage recordings for engagement after live shows are over.

Price: 0 – $99.

Hope this list of Top 4 Shopify Live Stream Apps will help you.

Thank you for reading!

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